My Kitty is helping me Quilt this one!

Cow Salt and Pepper shakers

I said I might slip in a salt and pepper shaker from time to time so here is one for you to see it is my Moo Cow salt and pepper set. It is milk jugs with black and white cows printed on them. MOOOOOOOOOO! ;-)

From The Quilting Nut! Hello I'm Back!

Well I am sort of back here on my blog (through my daughters help)
I fell on Jan. 20th and broke my ankle really bad and had to have surgery so my daughter is going to help me with my blog until I can get back to it.
So stay tuned for what I can have her send your way!

Wedding Ring Quilt

Click image to see larger view.


WEDDING RING # 1                    75 X 80           Price $75 X 80    Price $1250.00 Sold

This is a one piece top with the wedding ring design printed onto the fabric. Hand quilted around each ring plus hearts and echos stitched in between rings. Machine set binding. Wine backing. 100% cotton.

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