About Me

Hi, I'm Carolyn-The Quilting Nut,
If you are looking for old fashioned hand made quilts I have many here for you to see. 
A little about me :)
I am from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I am a Christian woman that has a love for quilting.
I grew up in a family of quilters, and back then we used the old fashioned big square quilting frame that took up most of the room. All the women in the family would just pull up a chair and start quilting and talking. (Can you imagine the stories that were told over those quilts ;-)

I really love making quilts and now that I am retired I am really enjoying the time I have to spend on making more of them. It takes months to make a quilt and it is very rewarding and sometimes a challenge too. ;-) 

The quilts I make are all one of a kind and most of my top stitching is done by hand or hand tied.
I always love the way each quilt comes out different it's like each quilt takes on it's own personality and it is always such a pleasure to see the finished product.

I also offer custom work so you may choose your color and sizes.

I hope you enjoy my site and find a quilt that will look beautiful in your home.

Thanks and have a great day!
The Quilting Nut

P.S I also love to collect Salt and Pepper Shakers and may slip some of those in the blog from time to time ;-)

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