New Quilt in the Frame

Here is my latest quilt in the frame for you to see part of the quilting process.

Spring Leaves Quilt

 Click image to see larger view.

SPRING LEAVES QUILT  74 X 92      Price $1,000.00 Free Shipping USA

Machine top- stitched top ,then hand quilted around flowers.

Hand stitched with butterflies in the larger green rectangles. 
Machine set binding. 
Creme backing with small white flower designs. 100% cotton.

Back to Quilting!

Okay! I am back to quilting and blogging. Yeah!

After two major surgeries, foot and then shoulder I am surely blessed that I am back and healthy enough to do my quilting. I am not complaining because the Lord has been good to me and he always provides.

I am  slowly uploading and adding more of my quilt pictures for you to see and I hope you enjoy them.

Some of my quilts are for sale and some are sold and some of them I can't part with. ;~)

If you see something you like and would like more information or would like a custom made quilt please feel free to send me a message from the link in the left side of any page on the blog.

Well go ahead and have a look around, while I get back to my quilting! :-)

Thanks and have a great day!

Carolyn, The Quilting Nut

P.S I also love to collect Salt and Pepper Shakers and may slip some of those in the blog from time to time ;-)

Diamonds in Diamonds Quilt

Click on the image for a larger view

Diamonds and Diamonds   58 x 78       Price:$1,000.00  Free Shipping USA

Double Hand stitched in seams.
Outer large pieces were machine stitched corner to corner for extra strength.
Binding is machine set and top-stitched with fancy stitches. It has creme backing. 100% cotton.

Care Free Quilt

  Click image to see larger view.

CARE FREE       62 x 80        Price $500.00   Free Shipping USA


Hand quilted pink and blue rectangles. Machine set binding. Creme backing. 100% cotton.

Sedona Canyon


Click image to see larger view.

SEDONA CANYON   90 X 102   Price $1000.00    Free Shipping USA


Machine top-stitched top, then hand knot tied together to fleece backing.
Machine set binding with fancy top-stitch.
Medium Brown backing. 50 X 50 % cotton/polly

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