Back to Quilting!

Okay! I am back to quilting and blogging. Yeah!

After two major surgeries, foot and then shoulder I am surely blessed that I am back and healthy enough to do my quilting. I am not complaining because the Lord has been good to me and he always provides.

I am  slowly uploading and adding more of my quilt pictures for you to see and I hope you enjoy them.

Some of my quilts are for sale and some are sold and some of them I can't part with. ;~)

If you see something you like and would like more information or would like a custom made quilt please feel free to send me a message from the link in the left side of any page on the blog.

Well go ahead and have a look around, while I get back to my quilting! :-)

Thanks and have a great day!

Carolyn, The Quilting Nut

P.S I also love to collect Salt and Pepper Shakers and may slip some of those in the blog from time to time ;-)

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